Denver has a HUGE assortment of places to shoot family portraits.  Whether it’s urban or nature, Denver has it all for a family picture.  Here are Z. Noelle Photography’s top favorite places:

1) Bluff Lake Nature Center:  Bluff Lake is a nature center located in Stapleton that not many people know about–even those who live in Stapleton.  Last season, I took about 75% of my children and family portraits here.  It’s big and has many different areas with different types of trees, different light depending on where you’re shooting, and a really cool dock over the water that kids LOVE.  Bluff Lake is also great because it’s very easy to shoot there in both morning and evening–there are great views all around. The only downside….major mosquitos.  Bring bug spray!
































2) South Mesa Trail:  South Mesa Trailhead is located in south Boulder.  Simply put, it is amazing for late afternoon golden hour/sunset portraits.  Boulder is one of my favorite place for family pictures.  The Flatirons look amazing, there are so many interesting rocks and green grasses and there is also a neat looking bridge and stone house for different posing combinations.  The only downside to South Mesa Trailhead is that taking pictures there in the morning won’t happen–your subject will be facing the rising sun and squinting the whole time.  But it’s perfect for late afternoon.


3) Larimer Square:  Looking for the perfect urban photo shoot here in Denver?  Look no further than Larimer Square.  Amazing textures in all the brick, amazing colors everywhere, interesting doors, interesting people.  Even the alleys have a great urban feel for a photography session.  Whenever a client requests and urban feel, this is my go-to.
































4) REI Denver:  Most people wouldn’t think of a store as a place to take a family portrait, but here in Denver, REI is legendary.  It can give a client both a nature feel and an urban feel.  It’s right near the Platt River with Denver in the background and the brickwork on the building itself is amazing.  In addition, there are areas around the building that have long grasses and in a photo, no one would guess you were anywhere but a lovely mountain hiking path!  Wonderful place for clients who want the best of both worlds!
































5) Fly n Be Park: I LOVE this place.  It’s a bit of a drive from my house, but it’s worth it.  In the fall, nothing can beat this location as far as fall foliage goes for children or family portraiture.  Beautiful trees, paths, a bridge and a stream.  The only downside?  In the fall it is PACKED on weekends so take that into account!  Photographers really have to work around each other!


Alternate:  Red Rocks.  I love Red Rocks and the only reason it’s not on this list is because soooo many people take pictures at Red Rocks.  It’s a great location, you can photography there in morning and evening and it’s a famous Denver landmark.  But every family has a picture from Red Rocks.  I try to mix it up a little.  A word of warning… not step off the trails at Red Rocks or the ranger will get you! 🙂