Denver is a fantastic city for a family photography session…the skyline is framed by the Rocky Mountains, and the air is clear and the sun is usually shining. The question is, what season should you choose to have you portrait session?  Winter?  Isn’t it too cold?  Too snowy?  Spring?  It’s far too rainy, right?  Every season has it’s pros and cons and I’ll take you through them.

Winter in Denver has wonderful picture-taking opportunities. I’ve written about the advantages a bit here.  Take advantage of breathtaking backgrounds, natural lighting, and the clear air. To get the perfect family portraits in Denver’s winter season, planning is essential. Days are much shorter, and the sun sets much earlier.  In addition, it’s not the most colorful time of the year so I always recommend that clients take advantage of accessories to to bring in some color. Layer up with colorful scarves, vests and jackets to keep the cold at bay and the colors popping. When kids get cold, we pop into the car or a nearby store to warm up and then it’s back to shooting.  Encouraging kids to play, have a snowball fight, etc, always helps keep this session interesting.  I really love wintery, snowy sessions and wish more people were open to them.


Spring in Denver is a beautiful but risky time for a portrait session.  It’s gorgeous with the flowering trees but I have yet to have a session this particular year that didn’t have to be rescheduled at least once due to rain.  I have one client this year that I’ve had to reschedule with 4 times!  Rain is tricky–I really don’t want to get my camera wet and clients don’t really enjoy getting soaked, as opposed to a light snowfall in the winter.  However, the landscape and locations and light is amazing!  Cherry blossom trees and pear trees are glorious during this time and there is just something so fresh and hopeful about spring.  I’ve seen gorgeous springtime pictures from some of Denver’s best family photographers.  Spring is a great time to take pictures if you don’t want to deal with the heat of summer or the crazy busyness of fall (family photography busy season).


Summer.  What can I say about summer?  Other than I love it!   Most clients choose summer as the ideal time to take pictures.  You can dress lightly and you’re pretty much guaranteed good weather, other than the occasional short thunderstorm in the late afternoon.  Which lasts all of 5 minutes. I love summer for it’s feeling of freedom and joy between family members, but remember, it’s hot.  Some days are 90 degrees and it doesn’t get much cooler in the early evening–the best time to take a portrait for the golden light.  Also, mosquitos.  These past few years have been particularly bad.  Just like spring and winter, summer has it’s good and bad points for a family photography session.


Fall. In my opinion, the best season by far to take portraits.  The vibrant colors all over the city, the various parks and the mountains are amazing. Pictures never look bad. Ever. I could literally name ten different places off the top of my head for great fall family pictures.  The drawback to fall?  It’s soooo busy.  And unless you plan ahead and book your photographer early, you run the risk of not getting finding a space with a Denver family photographer.  So inquire with your photographer early! 🙂


All seasons have their own personality. Each one has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  But if I had to choose, I would choose a winter or a fall session.  I think next year, Keith and I are going to hire someone for a winter session, just for something different on our walls!

Feel free to browse my site to see different seasons! 🙂