Denver sees it’s fair share of snow. I have so many clients that shy away from snow portraits and I have to say….don’t be afraid of the snow! Snowy pictures can be fun for the whole family and the images are beautiful.

Snow adds a different dimension to photos. If you live in a place like Denver, where winter sports are so prevalent, than why not? Children in particular love snow and this gives your family the opportunity to mix up “posed” family shots with candid, fun pictures. What child doesn’t like a snowball fight or building a snow fort? In addition, snow on tree branches or even falling from the ski gives many children’s portraits and etherial quality that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

I shoot family portraits in Denver locations year round and encourage snow sessions. Will you be a bit cold at times? Sure, but unless it’s single digit temperatures, Denver’s weather isn’t too bad. Will a child’s nose be slightly red or runny? Sure. Bring extra tissues and let my photoshop magic do the rest!

Some tips:

Bring tissues for sure.  And possibly even some baby wipes for little ones

Bring a bright colored blanket – reds, blue, purples.  Something that coordinates with your clothing

Wear bright colored clothing and layer for variety.

Bright hats, gloves and scarves are also fun

Want props?  Balloons are fun for kids and it gives the whole scene a pop of color

Stop worrying and have fun!

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