When I first moved to Denver 4 years ago, it was very overwhelming. We had been living overseas, I had been doing the stay at home mom thing for 3 years, I knew NO ONE in Denver. I knew I wanted to get my business up and running, but was so overwhelmed by culture shock, the thought of being a Denver family photographer took second to about a million other things.

We had enrolled our son in a nearby pre-school and I thought the first “meet the teacher” night would be a great way to meet other moms. One of the first people I saw when I walked in was Katie. She was smiling and happy and had such a great energy about her. She was also pregnant with twins and already had two boys under the age of 5. She seemed totally out of my league because she was surrounded by about a million friends and was so vibrant! But I heard her mention that she had moved from Chicago, where I lived for 11 years, so I walked right up and introduced myself and the rest is history. Our sons were “BFFs” all through pre-school and I see her almost daily at school pick-up for a quick chat. Her positive attitude and smiling face is something practically everyone in Stapleton is familiar with and I was thrilled when she picked me to shoot their family portraits this summer.

4 boys under the age of 9. Let that sink in 🙂 Some of our mutual friends said “You’re going to be tired after that session” in a joking way. But it couldn’t have been further from the truth. Every minute of this sessions was GREAT! Katie and Nick and their 4 boys had so much fun together and they listened and joked around and smiled and were totally hilarious. If it had been me with these 4 boys, everybody would have been running amok, but Katie and Nick had their boy’s full attention and respect. I loved this session! It’s sessions like this that make me so happy to be a Denver family photographer. And mom and dad were probably super happy to be bringing home at least 7 frogs from Bluff Lake Nature Center. (Katie later told me they were released back into the wild a few days later!)


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