The H Family wrote me an email after meeting my husband via career networking. They were about to have their second child….was I available?

For a newborn? Of course I was! I love newborns and everything about them. Their teeny hands and feet. Their fluffy hair (or not depending on the baby! ;)) Their little puckered lips and their soft smell….oh that newborn smell!!

When it comes to Denver newborn photography, I try to do a nice mixture of posed and lifestyle to show babies in their homes and their environment. A lifestyle feel in newborn photography really highlights the family and how the new baby fits into that dynamic. I love the feeling of excitement, exhaustion, exhilaration and love all mixed in to one. I remember those days well!

When I got to the H’s house, I was immediately greeted by one very excited 2 year old boy. He had a new baby brother and he was thrilled! Both parents were home so I was able to set up and do some posed shots while dad entertained big brother. Baby M was a sleepy little guy with such a sweet expression on his face the whole time we were in the session. No frowns on this little guy. And I’m thrilled to say that I didn’t get peed on once! LOL.

After I worked with some poses, we moved on to some lifestyle in the living room. The decor was soft and perfect for photographing a baby and I loved capturing some sweet interactions with mom and dad and big brother. I truly love what I do! Considering how tired they must be, mom and dad looked pretty great and genuinely thrilled with their new little family of four. And big brother M was such a sweet heart. No complaining and not any jealousy….at least not yet 🙂  Congratulations guys!denver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photography


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