Ladies and gentleman, I give you the hottest dental staff in Denver.  Williams Family Dentistry. I have a long standing relationship with Dr. Williams for all the office photography needs.  Many people don’t know it, but I love doing Denver head shots. It’s fun to mix something else into my usual family shoots and it keeps things interesting. I also love that I can use my studio because I normally shoot outside. Shoots inside are a little different because of the lighting and it keeps me on my toes!

Dr. Williams is also our family dentist!  My kids love her and the whole staff is great.  They are growing by leaps and bounds and just added another dentist to the team. in addition, Williams Family Dentistry has an orthodontist on staff.

denver-head-shots denver-head-shots denver-head-shots denver-head-shots denver-head-shots


I’ve been working with the office for about a year now and the rest of the staff is just as pretty as these four ladies!  Dr. Williams told me that a male patient was recently joking around with her and said the reason he picked her office was because of how gorgeous her staff is.  LOL.  I guess that’s a compliment to me photography, as well, because the office has each staff member’s photo framed in the front lobby.

I’m honored that Dr. Williams chose me to serve their Denver head shot needs and if you ever need a fabulous, friendly dentist for you or your children, stop by Williams Family Dentistry!