I first shot the W family last year for an extended family shoot. The grandparents and siblings were all in town and we threw together a very last minute shoot at City Park. This year when they called me, I was thrilled to get them on the schedule and suggested we get together at Bluff Lake for a more intimate shoot of their little family of four. They wanted some great Denver family photos in an area close to their home, but still had a nature/Colorado feel to it.

The W family kids are adorable and they get along so well (not something I’m used to with my two constantly squabbling children). Big brother is very sweet and protective of his little sister. When we arrived at Bluff Lake, poor little sister had been sick on the car and dirtied her tulle dress. Luckily mom had throughout ahead (typical mom!) and brought a change of clothes which were just as cute as her dress. Despite being sick in the car, little sis was smiley and friendly and didn’t look sick at all.

I had a great time with this family and for the first 30 minutes everything was going along perfectly. But alas, poor little sis got sick again during the session and we had to stop a bit for her. I couldn’t believe it when she lifted up her head and said “I’m okay!” in her teeny little two year old voice and smiled at me. What a trooper! It was so heartwarming.

I think mom and dad were a little nervous about how the rest of the session would pan out, but I took the kids onto the dock that juts out into Bluff Lake and they had a blast running up and down the dock and posing for pictures. Just when I was thinking that we probably had enough shots, the little one ran out of steam and just wanted mommy to carry her. Perfect timing! I was thrilled with how the pictures came out and I think the parents were too! 🙂 Enjoy.denver-family-photos denver-family-photosdenver-family-photos denver-family-photosdenver-family-photos denver-family-photos denver-family-photos


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