denver-family-photographyI’ve posted some of my travel photos before.  Although I have built my Denver business on family photography and children’s photography, I love travel and fine art photography and, if I thought I could make a living at it, I would.  But the simple fact is, travel photography and fine art photography typically not well paid fields and, well, the State of Colorado wants to see a profit or they eventually tell you that you can’t run your business anymore 🙂  Not to mention, I have these two little rug rats running around who make it nearly impossible to travel for long periods of time.  They’re too cute!


Reasons why I love travel photography:

  • First and foremost, I LOVE to travel!  In fact, in addition to my photography business, I write a travel blog called The Roaming Family and I am a contributor on Suitcases and Sippy Cups.  I’ve also written for International Vacation Home Exchange and A Week at the Beach.  Nothing makes me happier than planning our next trip, booking flights, talking to friends about their experiences, getting bags packed and jetting off to some faraway place.  Well, nothing other than holding my camera in my hand!
  • I love to see other cultures. Especially cultures so different from our own. As a family, we lived in Qatar for three years and all three years were an experience and adventure for me.  Talk about a different culture! In addition to the culture of Qatar and much of the middle east, we were fortunate enough to travel to amazing countries that we never thought we would see.  Oman. Jordan, Nepal. Vietnam. Malaysia. Those 3 years solidified my love of travel and other cultures.
  • Travel photography tells a story each and every time. A photo of a man selling camel milk from a roadside stand tells a story. A group of school children in Kathmandu tells a story. There is so much out there–so much that most of us never see. The world is huge.
  • It’s interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I find a photo of a young child in a Denver sunset interesting too, but a photo of people running through the streets of Hanoi holds a different kind of interest for me.  Where are they going? Who are they meeting? Do they have family at home?
  • I once considered working in photojournalism when I first started my photography career.  I even applied for an internship.  But then the thought of always being “on call” gave me pause and I went in a different direction.  That direction being Denver family photography! 🙂

I’ll be displaying my fine art and travel photography at the Sweet William Market on July 25th if you want to stop by….we can talk art! The market will be on the founder’s green in Stapleton.

How do you feel about travel photography?

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