Most people know me as a Denver family photographer and  child photographer, but I also do many Denver head shots. I really enjoy head shots and learning about the people I am shooting and why they want a head shot.

A few months ago, Christy called me about getting a head shot pretty last minute because she had just received some really exciting news….she was being featured in Investment News Magazine 40 Under 40 Financial Advisors. Since numbers and all things financial are a little over my head, I thought this was really amazing and such an accomplishment! The best part? Christy was 39 weeks pregnant and pretty ready to have that baby out!

We met at my studio in Denver and she looked gorgeous. A little baby bump and Christian Louboutin shoes (swoon). I’m not sure about anyone else, but there was no way I could have passed off decent high heels when I was pregnant, but Christy rocked these shoes! She was sweet and humble and and had the most gorgeous dimples. Shooting a head shot really gives me a chance to connect with an adult one on one and I truly enjoyed myself. Christy was feeling a little under the gun because she knew that once she had her baby, getting pictures in time for the article probably wasn’t going to happen. Anyone who has a new baby can relate to that! After this shoot, she went into labor less than 24 hours later and is now the proud mom to a 3 month old and a two year old! You can read more about Christy’s accomplishment in Front Porch newspaper.

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