The H family came to me for Denver family portraits after hearing about me from a neighborhood friend. I love it when someone calls me from a referral because it means that someone loved their pictures enough to tell someone else about me.

I immediately liked the H family. Their little guy was getting over an ear infection, but he started out the session all smiles. About ten minutes into the session, he was not happy and I could tell mom and dad were getting pretty nervous about it and how the images would turn out. I told them not to worry…..I’ve experienced plenty of crabby toddlers to deal with any situation. I think we did pretty great during the session. What do you think?

I had such a great time with you, H family! 🙂denver-family-photographydenver-family-photographydenver-family-photographydenver-family-photographydenver-family-photographydenver-family-photographydenver-family-photographydenver-family-photography


My name is Melissa Downham and I own Z. Noelle Photography, a Denver family photography studio located in Denver, Colorado. You can follow me on Instagram here or Pinterest here. Cheers!

The H Family wrote me an email after meeting my husband via career networking. They were about to have their second child….was I available?

For a newborn? Of course I was! I love newborns and everything about them. Their teeny hands and feet. Their fluffy hair (or not depending on the baby! ;)) Their little puckered lips and their soft smell….oh that newborn smell!!

When it comes to Denver newborn photography, I try to do a nice mixture of posed and lifestyle to show babies in their homes and their environment. A lifestyle feel in newborn photography really highlights the family and how the new baby fits into that dynamic. I love the feeling of excitement, exhaustion, exhilaration and love all mixed in to one. I remember those days well!

When I got to the H’s house, I was immediately greeted by one very excited 2 year old boy. He had a new baby brother and he was thrilled! Both parents were home so I was able to set up and do some posed shots while dad entertained big brother. Baby M was a sleepy little guy with such a sweet expression on his face the whole time we were in the session. No frowns on this little guy. And I’m thrilled to say that I didn’t get peed on once! LOL.

After I worked with some poses, we moved on to some lifestyle in the living room. The decor was soft and perfect for photographing a baby and I loved capturing some sweet interactions with mom and dad and big brother. I truly love what I do! Considering how tired they must be, mom and dad looked pretty great and genuinely thrilled with their new little family of four. And big brother M was such a sweet heart. No complaining and not any jealousy….at least not yet 🙂  Congratulations guys!denver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photographydenver-newborn-photography


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I first shot the W family last year for an extended family shoot. The grandparents and siblings were all in town and we threw together a very last minute shoot at City Park. This year when they called me, I was thrilled to get them on the schedule and suggested we get together at Bluff Lake for a more intimate shoot of their little family of four. They wanted some great Denver family photos in an area close to their home, but still had a nature/Colorado feel to it.

The W family kids are adorable and they get along so well (not something I’m used to with my two constantly squabbling children). Big brother is very sweet and protective of his little sister. When we arrived at Bluff Lake, poor little sister had been sick on the car and dirtied her tulle dress. Luckily mom had throughout ahead (typical mom!) and brought a change of clothes which were just as cute as her dress. Despite being sick in the car, little sis was smiley and friendly and didn’t look sick at all.

I had a great time with this family and for the first 30 minutes everything was going along perfectly. But alas, poor little sis got sick again during the session and we had to stop a bit for her. I couldn’t believe it when she lifted up her head and said “I’m okay!” in her teeny little two year old voice and smiled at me. What a trooper! It was so heartwarming.

I think mom and dad were a little nervous about how the rest of the session would pan out, but I took the kids onto the dock that juts out into Bluff Lake and they had a blast running up and down the dock and posing for pictures. Just when I was thinking that we probably had enough shots, the little one ran out of steam and just wanted mommy to carry her. Perfect timing! I was thrilled with how the pictures came out and I think the parents were too! 🙂 Enjoy.denver-family-photos denver-family-photosdenver-family-photos denver-family-photosdenver-family-photos denver-family-photos denver-family-photos


My name is Melissa Downham and I own Z. Noelle Photography, a boutique photography studio located in Denver, Colorado. If you need some great Denver family photos, you can reach me at or call 303-506-4324. Follow me on instagram here.

Jodi is one of my favorite clients. In fact, I think you will find her son and her all over my blog. She was one of my very first clients when I moved to Denver and her little guy was only 8 months old. Well, now D is almost 4 and a hilarious little ball of energy and a big fan of Denver family photography.

I have so much respect for J. She moved here as a single mom, not knowing a soul, to start her dental practice. Well that dental practice has 3 offices in the Denver metro area and she’s not done yet – she told me the other day that she will more than likely be opening more and possibly some out of state as well. She and D have an unbreakable bond and they both love pictures.

In the past, I’ve always taken pictures of them together in various area around the Denver area. Well in the past few months, I was thrilled to learn that J has met the One. She brought this handsome guy to our latest session and together, with their sons, we got some beautiful moments on camera. It really seems like they’ve been a family forever. They were joking around with each other, having fun, the two little boys already seem like brothers and everyone had an overall great time.

The camera obviously loves these two. A more photogenic family, I can’t imagine! And J always picks out the perfect clothes as far as tones and textures. We’ve had some great weather here in Denver lately for photographs and hopefully it will continue throughout the fall season!

J you are so great to work with and I hope I can be photographing your new family for years and years to come. Cheers!


denver-family-photography denver-family-photography

denver-family-photography denver-family-photography denver-family-photography denver-family-photography denver-family-photography


My name is Melissa Downham and I specialize in Denver family photography. You can view my work here and follow me on instagram here.

I first met the A family through the recommendation of a former client. They were due with twins and were interested in getting some newborn photos. I love it when someone recommends me as a Denver family photographer because it makes me feel like I know them already!

We met at my studio in north Denver and we were immediately comfortable with each other and I loved how laid back they were. They sat down on the couch during the sessions and even had a beer. It certainly made my job a lot easier and I was able to concentrate on the babies 🙂 To see some of their newborn session, click here.

The A family called me again when their little guys turned 1 and I was thrilled. I love watching kids grown up before my very eyes and it makes me appreciate my job even more–I truly feel like I’m capturing moments in people’s lives. We decided to meet at Bluff Lake Nature Center, one of my favorite places to shoot. We met in the early morning, which is a departure from my usual Golden Hour sessions and I found that the light was just as beautiful.

Mom and Dad are such great parents! They were patient and kind and I didn’t hear them yelling out “SMILE!” even once…They trusted me to run the session and they just sat back and had a good time with their two little boys. The twins had an equally good time and smiles were frequent 🙂 I just know these little guys are going to be such good buddies. I felt lucky to get a good mixture of posed and casual, spontaneous moments, which is what every family photographer hopes to capture. Take a look at how cute this family is. I wish them a lifetime of happiness!




My name is Melissa Downham and I am a Denver family photographer. My studio, Z. Noelle Photography is located in Denver, Colorado. In addition to family photography, I specialize in newborns, children and head shots.



About 6 months ago, I received a phone call. The woman on the other end wanted to buy a gift certificate for a young family she knew for a newborn photo session. The family had just had a baby and had gone to a local “photography mill” ( my name for a volume studio such as Target or JC Penney) and they were not too thrilled with the final product. The couple was very discouraged and the lady on the phone knew that if she didn’t investigate some other photographers for them, that they would probably never get about to finding a Denver family photographer, given they had a newborn at home. Shortly after the phone call, the mom of baby called me and we had a nice long chat about what she was looking for in a photo shoot. She was feeling tired, discouraged by her other photographer experience and we decided that maybe it would be best to wait and take a family shoot when her little guy was 6 months.

I’m so glad we waited! The resulting pictures came out great and her little ones were so cute and expressive! We headed over to Bluff Lake Nature Center, a favorite of both mine and many Denver parents, right before sunset. The light was spectacular and the kids were adorable. I loved that big sister liked to take care of her little brother. He had so much energy–I just loved it. Mom and dad said life sure has changed since having a second and, being a mom of two myself, I could definitely relate!

One of the reasons I love my job as a family photographer is working with kiddos and seeing different personalities shine through. Little Rhett (the 6 month old) was very chilled out and, even at 6:30 at night, seemed like a really happy baby. And big sister Erin was cute and mischievous, grinning ear to ear for most of our hour together and she never uttered a word of complaint. Congratulations on your family of four, D family!




Melissa Downham runs Z. Noelle Photography and is a natural light Denver family photographer. The studio also works with children, newborns and extended family.