Newborns are always fun to photograph because, not only does it get me my baby fix, but they present challenges that other sessions don’t. Babies are tiny and they obviously don’t take direction so a photographer really has to take control of the session. As a Denver newborn photographer, I am always excited when someone calls me about a baby shoot, especially when it’s twins! They are so rare and they share such a bond, that it’s beautiful to see and photograph. Even as newborns, twins tend to hold hands and stay calm as long as they are very close to each other.

For this particular session, an old friend from high school called me and asked if I sold gift certificates. (I do). A friend of hers was due with twins and she and a few mutual friends wanted to give her a photo session for her baby shower. I can’t think of a better baby shower gift to give to someone! A lot of people are so overwhelmed with a new baby and everything that is involved so they never get around to even thinking about choosing a photographer, much less calling and booking one! Even as a photographer, when my kids were born, I never got around to calling photographers–it just seemed so overwhelming!

I was so honored to shoot this session. I arrived at the E family home and everything seemed so calm, it was kind of amazing. The parents were smiling, no one seemed tired and babies were sleeping peacefully! The parents seemed like old friends and we chatted easily as I set up for the shoot. I truly love coming to people’s homes and learning about them as I capture their family and I love seeing the newness of everything. Baby girl was hilarious and we captured several pictures of her smiling. Baby boy was a big boy–at least in comparison to his teeny tiny sister. Take a look at how gorgeous these newborns are.denver-family-photographerdenver-family-photographerdenver-family-photographerdenver-family-photographerdenver-family-photographerdenver-family-photographer




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